T.O Skate Fest Mini Ramp Competition Registration

Category: Beginner

8 Lives Presents: T.O Skate Fest Mini Ramp Competition

Date: September 17, 2022 (full schedule will be announced soon)
Skater Warm ups: 2:00pm 
Start Time: 4:00pm sharp! 
Where: Bevy Space, 738 Dundas Street E.

Quad Competition Judging Categories
Beginner: Skaters can perform basic plate stalls (Marilyn, Flamingo, etc) and/or under the coping tricks such as carves, jump turns, toe-stop stalls, staple gun, sushi roll, etc. with creative lines.

Intermediate: Skaters can execute trick combinations into creative lines that include 
coping stall variations, slides, airs, rotations, 180/180s out of stalls, etc.

Advanced: Skaters can execute trick combinations into creative lines that include coping stall variations, advanced grinds (50-50, soul, sweat, kind, etc.), slides (frontside, backside), hand plants, inversions, flip tricks, 360s, etc. 

Each skater gets 2 runs at 45 seconds. Judges will be looking for Difficulty, Execution, Variety, Lines and Style. Final score is the average of the 3 individual judges scores. Prizes awarded to Top 3 from each category.

*These are suggested guidelines, not rules.

Inline Competition Judging Categories
Open/All levels. Ordered skate jam. 5 minutes, 5 riders. Each skater receives individual scores based on their overall performance during the allotted time.

Choose your competition level when you register. Registration is $20 and goes towards cash prizes. All ages are welcome, helmets are mandatory and all skaters must sign a waiver in order to compete.